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Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund

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The Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund was created by the Maine Education Association through a trust established by the late Audrey Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis served as President of the Maine Teachers Association in 1958, and named the fund after Clyde Russell, who served as Executive Director from 1945 to 1966.

The Trust operates in accordance to the Will of Audrey Lewis, is administered by its own Trustees, and is independent from the Maine Education Association.

It was the intent of the donor that the Fund "be used to advance cultural and educational opportunities for Maine people. . .in order to more fully develop their creative capacities in the arts, letters and sciences.

The Fund shall accordingly make grants, loans, or gifts to citizens of Maine or to educational institutions or departments thereof and may participate in any education aid program for such individuals whether publicly or privately sponsored."

The Trustees of the Fund created a policy regarding conflicts of interest. In accordance with the policy itself, you can download a copy of this document here.


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