Welcome to the new website of the
Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund

Here, you will find downloadable application forms and an overview of the different awards that our fund offers, along with our contact info. 



The Trustees have designated two different categories of awards:

(1) Graduating High School Seniors who will attend a 4-year college
(2) Graduating High School Seniors who will Attend a Maine Community College

In all categories the awards will be major in nature, not to exceed $10,000. The award for Community College students will not exceed $2,000.

The Trustees may grant the awards in all categories to recipients who meet multi-faceted and diverse criteria, as opposed to any single criteria such as financial need or scholastic achievement. Each year the Trustees will determine the number of scholarships to be awarded. Runner-up finalists will receive $500 in recognition of their outstanding achievement and/or cultural contribution.

Awards are limited to citizens of Maine.


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